Sample Success Stories

Explore success stories where the Connexity performance marketing network delivered exceptional results for retailers

A Sample of Success Stories

READ HERE | OTTY > Consistently outperforming other shopping campaigns

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READ HERE | SportSpar > Acquiring a high volume of new customers and supporting regional expansion

READ HERE | Mathon > Delivering results for French cookware and kitchen accessory retailer Mathon

READ HERE | CELLULARISHOP > Exceptional and consistent performance for Italian mobile retailer Cellularishop

OTTY Hybrid Mattress

Connexity shopping ad campaigns resulted in a 7:1 ROAS, a 300% improvement on OTTY’s own direct campaigns. Generating incremental placements, Connexity expanded the reach and visibility of OTTY in shopping ad campaigns. As a full-service provider, Connexity delivered results with no additional work needed from the OTTY team.

“Connexity not only drove an increase in sales for us, it has also helped us to consistently outperform other shopping campaigns. This channel will be an important part of our digital strategy for years to come.”


Andrew Jacobs

Digital Marketing Manager, OTTY

M6 Boutique

A leader in the home shopping sector in France, M6 Boutique was looking to boost sales in a new acquisition channel while controlling Cost of Sale.


Connexity was able to deliver a 2X better conversion rate than affiliate partners, making us their Top 3 supplier of revenue.

“We are able to maintain a stable and controlled sales volume, while keeping costs down. The mission is a success and it is not only the results that make this collaboration a success, it is also the human qualities of the Connexity team.”



Responsible of Traffic Acquisition & SEO


German sports e-tailer, SportSpar needed a fresh approach for attracting new customers. They were looking to find new sales and new audiences to support expansion into other European countries all while controlling cost of sale (COS).


Connexity identified the highest performance traffic sources and optimised click-through prices, allowing SportSpar to increase their budget tenfold since the launch of the campaign. We delivered an increase of 480% in sales and a 70% new customer rate.

“Connexity is an important partner for us in winning new customers and it enabled us to scale our sales by 480 percent.”



Head of Marketing at


>3.5% – Increased conversion rates above 3.5%

+270% – Increase in revenue by +270%

+275% – Average annual campaign growth by +275%

“Connexity’s teams, responsive and attentive, support us on a daily basis and have allowed us to maximize our ROI. Connexity is in our Top 3 of the best performing CSS sources for Mathon..”



CRM Manager, Mathon


+481 – Increased total sales volume YOY

Incremental sales on cost target MOM

Best conversion rates YOY

“We adopted the Connexity Bid Optimizer solution and opted into their Google CSS Shopping program at the end of 2018: this resulted in a 20 times’ revenue growth in sales for our business.”



Responsabile Vendite Acquisti Marketing Comunicazione, Cellularishop