Simplifying access to incremental sales and new customers for retailers

Reach new customer prospects across thousands of hard-to-reach retail-oriented consumer touchpoints.


The Opportunity

Retailers need to find incremental sales and new customers at scale beyond legacy search channels in an increasingly fragmented market.

The Solution

Connexity drives incremental sales and new customers for our retailers from thousands of high-quality, hard-to-reach retail touchpoints.

Why Retailers choose Connexity

High quality, hard-to-reach sources of retail traffic such as Connexity’s Premium Publisher Network that offers simplified access to 1000s of unique hard-to-manage, high-quality retail touchpoints.

Quality control and dynamic ROI management with Connexity’s proprietary Smart Pricing technology, ensuring that each click is priced appropriately and ROI goals are met.

Experienced account management team with 8 years average experience.

No set-up fees, long-term contracts or commitments.

We drive new customers and incremental sales to retailers through our

Enterprise Publishing Network: 500+ Premium Retail-Centric Publishers

Preferred Access Channels: 500+ Google and Bing PLA Campaigns

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