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Where Can Affiliate Publishers Turn as Amazon Cuts Rates?

Amazon has announced significant commission rate cuts for affiliate marketing partners beginning April 21. With a vital source of revenue in jeopardy for media brands reliant on affiliate revenue programs, where can publishers turn to secure incremental advertising inventory? Read more on each page below.


The Problem

As of April 21, Amazon has reduced affiliate referral rates for Amazon Associates, the world’s largest retail affiliate advertising program. This change comes in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and as Amazon aims to prioritize traffic for essential products and limit impacts to their supply chain and fulfillment of those essential products. 


Affiliate rate cuts can be significant and have occurred in many categories. Some of the largest cuts include:


-63% in Furniture, Home, Garden & Pets

-50% in Beauty, Business Equip. & Music Instruments

-45% in Tools and Outdoor

-33% in Sports & Baby Products


Performance marketing networks, like Connexity, are attractive alternatives and offer options for publishers to supplement lost advertising revenue.


Connexity can offer important benefits for key challenges publishers now face. 

Monetization – We offer CPC monetization with competitive rates for many offers.

Coverage – Connexity has thousands of merchants in hundreds of categories that fit existing content themes

Support – We provide tools for implementing ad links and support to optimize performance opportunities

Premium CPC Rates

Most affiliate programs continue to pay on a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) basis. This means your affiliate revenue is limited to traffic that converted. 


Connexity, offers payment on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis and this provides a better opportunity to replace lost revenue with:

Payment for Each Click – Publishers are paid on links to the brand homepage, product category pages, sales pages, etc., not just the product page itself.

Faster Earnings – Earnings are generated for each click and paid on a net 45 basis. Affiliate programs generate earnings when sales come in with typically longer payout windows.

Category and Retailer Coverage

Over 1600 retail advertisers in five markets participate in the Connexity performance marketing network. Our retailers have more than 100M product offers in hundreds of categories, including where Amazon made the largest affiliate rate cuts. We have top retailers in furniture, home decor, home improvement, lawn & garden, pet products, beauty, fashion and more. 


Connexity has inventory to fit your existing content and content development.


Learn more about our category coverage here.


Publishers access 100M+ product offers via deep links and a browser extension or via product data feeds with category and attribute enrichment through API calls.


Enterprise editors and Social Influencers can use a browser plug-in to explore retailer sites, understand potential monetization at the product level and then select and publish products to social platforms.


We further support publishers with:

Editorial Guidance – We provide insight on promos, price drops, top products, and trending categories to help commerce teams produce high-value content.

Revenue Growth Guidance – We help you personalize plans to optimize revenue via merchant selection, content strategy and CPC / conversion optimization.