The Connexity Shopping Ad Platform


An Overview

How Connexity Drives Shoppers to Merchants

The Campaign Process

You set the goals. We’ll do the heavy-lifting.

Connexity streamlines shopping ad campaigns and on-going optimization. All you need to do is determine a budget and set goals. We’ll do the complicated work. 



Performance Marketing Technology

Connexity delivers incremental opportunity and access to the highest quality traffic.

Our ability to deliver outsized performance is underwritten by on-going investments in technology development benefiting our retail partners. For over 20 years Connexity has been innovating in the ecommerce advertising and performance marketing space.

Audience Targeting

Enable your own first-party site data to drive scaled access to high-intent shopping audiences. The Connexity Shopping Tag is a tool to combine your site data with signals from Connexity about shoppers’ interest in websites, content topics and products. This data combination means Connexity can develop segments to target high-intent shopper audiences in premium content traffic.

Offer Enrichment

Connexity expands visibility of your product offers by filling in missing information, optimizing product category classifications, adding alternate product descriptions and including supplemental titles or ad copy. These enhancements improve eligibility of product offers in shopping search algorithms and improve offer pickup by publishers managing shopping experiences and monetizing content.

Data Syndication

Shopping showcases, product comparisons and reviews in publisher content are some of the most competitive ad placement opportunities. These placements require automated access to sophisticated data structures to continuously optimize for capabilities like search, category comparisons and price comparisons. Connexity’s customized implementations enable access for some of the largest shopping traffic sources. This means retailer ads on these sources is streamlined when sourced from Connexity.

Bidding and Pricing Technology

Access the highest quality shopping ad traffic with active bidding and pricing, required to remain competitive for in-demand placements. We employ sophisticated bidding and pricing technology refined over years of managing cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns for top brands in dozens of product categories (learn more about the benefit of CPC advertising models here). Connexity’s systems continuously optimize placements against the retailer’s Cost of Sale (COS) target by monitoring traffic performance and adjusting prices.

Connexity Bid Optimizer

The Connexity Bid Optimizer (CBO) provides automated bid placement and ROI optimization by performance, traffic source, product attributes, and price dimensions. This additional layer of technology on top of analyst-led performance monitoring helps to fully realize a retailer’s ROI potential. Our engagement model includes a close collaboration between the retailer and Connexity analyst teams to ensure your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are prioritized in campaign optimization.


In our SmartPricing system CPC costs are calculated based on consumer traffic performance. This means pricing is flexible and not predetermined from a static rate. Placing higher costs on the highest quality traffic and lowering costs for lower quality traffic helps manage retailer budget performance while ensuring we continue to acquire quality traffic and keep retailers competitive in bidding for placements in the best converting traffic.