Shopzilla Acquires Connexity

Cut through the technology platform clutter and achieve performance at scale by leveraging your 1st party assets.
Connexity is a fresh approach to audience, data, optimization, attribution and insight. Connexity is Audience Discovery
Audience Discovery is continuously optimized audience buying and selling, taking you beyond retargeting and segmentation to intelligent prospecting. Connexity extracts relevant connections, interests, & consumer intent using graph analysis seeded with advertiser and publisher 1st party data. The optimal audience for each brand and the optimal ads for each website audience. A Partner, Not a Platform

Reach multiple devices in the same family with Household Multiscreen

Reach the same person across their devices with Individual Multiscreen

Get Connected!

The Right Stuff to
Discover Your Audience

Your data + graph analysis. Streaming
real time reporting and instant control.
Simple implementation. It just works.

WildFire: The Connexity Audience Graph

Our proprietary graph database is
scalable, streaming, and purpose-
built for Audience Discovery.

Streaming Real-Time
Control & Reporting

Traffic, Start, Test, Pause, Adjust,
Modify, Refine; all in True
Real-time, like as in right now!

Actionable Insights &
Advanced Metrics

Direct response, branding, attribution
and insight. Connexity adds
color to performance benchmarking.