SalesSync App


Last Update: June 23, 2023


The Connexity Sales-Sync app organizes and schedules daily delivery of ecommerce event data from Google Analytics GA4 to Connexity. The app enables ecommerce merchant advertisers partnered with Connexity to supply daily sales attribution data necessary for managing the advertiser’s retail performance campaign.

For simplicity, the Sales-Sync app is embedded within a common Google Sheets file. Connexity provides the file to partner advertisers and works with the advertiser to understand the GA4 commerce events specific to the advertiser’s site in order to set the appropriate parameters in the app. Aside from basic settings to generate an Email delivered file (filename, destination, Email subject and body line, date parameters), the app allows for parameters of data to include in the file such as:

GA4 Property ID

Commerce Event Metrics

Metric Dimensions


The app is saved to and authorized by the advertiser’s Google account and the advertiser manages the start/stop of the scheduled send of daily files. Learn more about how to setup attribution data and the Sales-Sync app in our Merchant Resource Center.


About Connexity Attribution Data

The attribution file provides insight into conversions from shopper traffic generated from clicks to Connexity product offer placements. Sharing attribution data is critical to understanding how Connexity leads perform for the advertiser. It’s the “source-of-truth” used to align Connexity strategies to the advertiser’s view of traffic attribution. Having a full understanding about how traffic converts, at a granular level, helps Connexity to optimize placements that maximize incremental sales growth opportunities.


Validation of traffic conversions helps Connexity optimize pricing within your budget to bid for and win you competitive placements that drive even more traffic at higher conversion rates. It enables us to optimize pricing all the way to the traffic source and product SKU level in order to meet your cost of sale (COS) goals.


Validation of conversions helps us communicate about campaign progress from a common understanding of performance. It means Connexity can deliver more accurate performance reporting inĀ  our merchant portal and in updates with your Account Manager.

You can find more information about how Connexity uses data in our Privacy Policy.