Publisher Performance Reporting

Connexity Keeps Publishers Informed on Monetization Performance and Opportunities

Publishers in the Connexity network stay informed using a robust reporting dashboard on the Connexity Publisher Portal. The dashboard provides clear insight into expected rates, earnings, payments and feedback on which retailers, products and clicks are driving conversions. This critical information enables publishers to optimize content strategies for consumer experience and traffic acquisition approaches.

A modernized user interface enables publishers to access a variety of insight report types where data is refreshed daily to help content managers remain informed with up-to-date performance feedback on their most recent monetization strategies. Key features include the ability to save reports with customized filters for easier access later, scheduling report delivery via Email at regular intervals, report exports and even accessing reports via an API with a unique report URL link.

Performance Report

Stay informed about your content’s retail performance.

Publishers need frequent feedback on how their content is performing for retailers in order to steer the monetization strategy of their commerce content. Connexity Performance Reports provide publishers with a view of the retail traffic their content has generated on the Connexity network along with shopper activity KPIs that drive monetization for the publisher. A variety of pre-dimensioned performance reports are made available to provide commonly requested views up to 180-days.

Performance by Date (Previously “Earnings Report”) – A summary of clicks, earnings and conversion performance for all of the publisher’s content in aggregate

Performance by Merchant – A summary of clicks, earnings and conversion performance by merchant linked in the publisher’s content

Performance by Click – Detailed clicks, earnings and conversion performance for each unique click level tracking parameter (RID)

Performance by URL – Detailed clicks, earnings and conversion performance for specific product link

Performance reports can be customized with a choice of columns to include and with results aggregated by a different dimension.

Example Performance Report: Not actual data

Quality Report

Benchmark the quality of traffic you generate.

A publisher’s ability to grow earning potential with Connexity depends on the quality of traffic generated. Knowing where content delivers high-quality retail traffic can help a publisher to continually refine their content strategy and to prioritize monetization opportunities. The Connexity Quality Report helps publishers understand their traffic quality by key dimensions up to 180-days.

Category Level Quality – A traffic quality rating within content driving traffic to broad categories of products

Merchant Level Quality – A traffic quality rating for content driving traffic to specific retailers in the Connexity program

Top Products Quality – A report showing products by merchant for which your content delivers the highest quality

Example Quality Report: Not actual data

Payments Report

Track your historical and pending monetization payments.

Publisher earnings are paid by Connexity monthly and generally sooner than other networks. Publishers will receive payment on monetization earnings approximately 45 days from the close of the reporting month. The Payments Report in the Connexity Publisher Portal reflects earnings accrued during the reporting month, plus any accrued balance carried forward from prior months for which payment has not yet been issued.

Example Payments Report: Not actual data

Report Access & Scheduling

Schedule and manage report updates for easier access to key performance data.

Connexity provides publishers with the ability to save report customizations, preview, and then schedule those custom reports to be delivered on a regular interval to an Email address of the publisher’s choice. Updated report data can even be accessed via API with a unique report URL link.

Saving & Scheduling Reports: Not actual data
Reporting via API: Not actual data

Definition Refinements

Updates for clarity

Connexity enables publishers to view which merchants have products and offers available for monetization.  We have renamed the existing Retailer “Status” option from “Recently Active” to “Recently Paused” for clarity. Recently Paused refers to merchants who have been offline for 30+ days.

Recently Paused Report (not actual data)