April 6, 2020

Tinuiti: Expanding Retail Agency Opportunities

Mark Fauntleroy
Case Study

Expanding Retail Agency Opportunities

When Accessing New Channels to Find More Shoppers Delivers Growth and Diversification

A solid reputation and a competitive business model are invaluable assets for success. However, acquiring a high volume of new customers is the key to growth. Connexity helps Tinuiti achieve this growth for their retail clients.

The Challenge

Tinuiti pioneers dedicated shopping and product data feed programs for some of the largest retailers in the world. Paid search ad programs on Google and Bing have been a staple of Tinuiti’s retail ad services. However, additional acquisition growth and diversification of shopper engagement are important strategic goals for some Tinuiti clients like Maurices, Aeropostale and Boston Proper.

The Solution

In 2019 Tinuiti partnered with Connexity for our ability to open growth opportunities through shopping ad placements on a diverse set of shopping channels beyond their normal ad platform spend. Because not everyone shops the same way, Connexity offers distinct channels each with different ad placement types to help retailers reach more consumers where and how they prefer to shop.


Creating Incremental Opportunity

Managed feeds of structured product offer data from Tinuiti were made available to Connexity. Our shopping ad technology further enriched this data and created additional data formats to facilitate diversified placement types across multiple channel options.


The enrichment and syndication of product offer data by Connexity’s shopping ad technology enabled us to augment Tinuiti search ad campaigns with incremental placements that expanded retailer reach “shelf space” increasing their reach into key shopper segments.

Diversifying Engagement

New ad formats generated by data enrichment also allowed Connexity to develop placement opportunities within our Influence Ads channel. With over 4,000 Connexity creators promoting retailer offers, the Influence Ads channel enabled retailers like Maurice’s to diversify shopper engagement, reaching customers in new and interesting ways. Creators on the Connexity network placed linked ad images crafted by the creator into curated social content in the form of Instagram stories or feeds, on Pinterest boards, in social blogs or in any social platform where a linked product ad can be inserted as content.


Audiences of followers inspired by the product-based content then engage. Engaging is done by swiping-up on an Instagram story or clicking-through in other formats. This action lands the shopper directly onto the retailer’s product offer page to make purchasing easy.

The Results

Getting Connexity shopping ad placements in front of high-intent consumers on new channels, like Influence Ads, and optimizing for the retailer’s cost-of-sale (COS) delivered the results Tinuiti and their clients sought for important campaign KPIs.

80% – Most Connexity shopper clicks came from new customers

40% – Connexity delivered 40% higher ROAS than other campaigns

35% – Connexity channels delivered 35% more clicks than previous campaigns

20% – Connexity added 20% in incremental sales revenue across participating retailers

Courtney O’Donnell, Director of Shopping & Feed Strategy at Tinuiti, says of the results, “Our Connexity partnership helps Tinuiti over-deliver for retail clients. The additional reach of Connexity’s exclusive channels outperforms standard Google and Bing ads on the KPIs we care about. We look forward to continuing to deliver this type of performance for our clients and will be recommending more retailers advertise through Connexity.”



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