April 6, 2022

Case Study: vidaXL

Angus Quinn
Case Study

vidaXl is an international online retailer where you can find whatever you need for your home, garden, garage, do-it-yourself projects and much more. Their strategy focuses on offering consumers a wide range of affordable products that enable people to “live it up for less”.

Key Metrics: 

2022 YTD Y-o-Y 

New Customer Acquisition: 343% | Transactions: 660% / 8x+ | Revenue: 440%+

What would you say are your performance goals?  

Our main performance goal is to increase the brand awareness for our webshops, especially where we are new to the market. The most important metrics we take into consideration when checking the performance are the traffic, the revenue, the cost, the bounce rate, and the engagement rate.

What were you looking for in a strategic partner?  

Picking a good alliance partner is like finding the right tennis partner — find the right one you win; pick the wrong one and you lose. Our target was for our partners to deliver strategic value to our company.  When taking into consideration Connexity, we of course made some research to see if your goals and strategies are consistent with ours. After the introduction call, we realized that we have the same purpose and everything went very smoothly afterwards.

How do you work with Connexity today?  

Thanks to your very dedicated account manager & team, we managed to develop a partnership plan that outlines goals/objectives, action plans, rules of engagement, and checkpoints. From the very beginning we had good and transparent communication, which improved our performance from one month to another.

How does Connexity support your approach in achieving those goals?  

Connexity’s team has always been very clear about what they need to improve the quality of our performance. Luckily, we have the same vision when it comes to optimization and this is making our communication even better.

What results have you seen from your Connexity Campaign(s)? 

Thinking about Cost of Sales deal that we implemented in the summer of 2021, that project made our sales grow like crazy in comparison with last years. Another thing that I appreciate working together with the Connexity team, is that we have set up some goals and they are taking care of the improvements/optimizations, finding the best strategies for our campaigns.

How do you plan to approach performance marketing for the rest of 2022? 

Our goal has not changed, we aim to have new customers and to make the old ones come back on our webshops from all over the world.


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