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A Partner, Not a Platform

We help you get more value out of your audience with graph analysis. Connexity has developed a weighted, hybrid multigraph that maps a blend of consumer and product connections to better predict consumer interest in a particular product and improve the relevance and performance of online advertising. This means ads are more relevant to your audience, more like product recommendations than advertising.

The Tools For Success

Connexity’s optimization technologies go beyond creative and placement yield management. Graph analysis & full-funnel attribution value your inventory at the highest possible level. Audience connections and common interests mean ads are more relevant, more like product recommendations than advertising.
The Audience Graph
Connexity provides the tools and resources you need to manage 100% of your inventory and monetize every single impression.

Sell us 100% or 1% of your inventory. Use the RTB auctions at 100% fill or set a default/passback so you only deliver to our highest paying campaigns.

You control which campaigns and which ad formats run on your website with ad attribute filters & blocklists or manual selection.
100% Control
We have the tools and expertise to manage all kinds of campaigns and still pay you CPM on every one of them using formats that deliver.
100% CPM
In addition to our constantly growing list of Audience Discovery campaigns, we are RTB-enabled to auction your remnant inventory.
RTB Enabled
At Connexity “real-time” means “real-time”. Watch impression counts as they are being delivered and monitor earnings as the money comes in. Enable a new campaign or change a setting and see the impact instantly.
True Real-time Reporting
Should the last click or the last impression viewed get all the credit for a conversion? We don't think so. The science of conversion attribution is breaking down these barriers. When multiple impressions and even multiple clicks contribute to a conversion, everybody shares in the credit for that conversion. We call this equitable conversion attribution, and it is a cornerstone of the Connexity Publisher offering.
Conversion Attribution

Connexity is About People

Whether you’re seeking general guidance or custom analysis, our team of industry veterans is here to assist you. Our executive team represents decades of online advertising experience from the birth of Internet media through today.

As we have demonstrated in the past, you always come first. From a dedicated Media Manager for each publisher to guaranteed payment in less than 30-days, we strive to under promise and over deliver. You need a partner, not a platform.

Learn More About Connexity's Technology

The Right Stuff to
Discover Your Audience

Your data + graph analysis. Streaming real time reporting and instant control. Simple implementation. It just works.

WildFire: The Connexity
Audience Graph

Our proprietary graph database is scalable, streaming, and purpose-built for Audience Discovery.

Streaming Real-Time
Control & Reporting

Traffic, Start, Test, Pause, Adjust, Modify, Refine; all in real-time, like as in right now!

Actionable Insights and
Advanced Metrics

Direct response, branding, attribution and insight. Connexity adds color to performance benchmarking.